18th Century Buckles 

As with our 18th century buttons we are continuing to add to our buckle line as time and samples permit.  Preferring to concentrate our new products on documented artifacts rather than what has been available in the past.   We have recently added several new buckles , that have come to us from friends in North Carolina.  These buckles were recovered from British campsites in that state.

Many of the original buckles of the type we reproduce can be found in Jacob L. Grimms excellent book,  Archaeological Investigation of Fort Ligonier .  This book is available from the Fort Ligonier Association, South Market Street, Ligonier, PA  15658 (724) 238-9701.  More buckles and other artifacts can be found in Neuman and Kravic's Collector's Illustrated Encyclopedia of the American Revolution.  This book is available from a variety of sources.  Another great source of information regarding 18th century artifacts is Calver & Bolton's History Written with Pick and Shovel.  This last book is getting very difficult to find and when it is found is normally expensive, it can be easily obtained through library loans.

Musket Sling Buckles

18SB01 1 1/4", Brass.   Many times I see this buckle listed as English but it has a strong French influence, I leave you to be the best judge of that. 

18SB02  1 1/4", Brass.  The original of this buckle was recovered from the Savannah, GA area.  The brass tine is as per the original in addition I have seen this buckle with iron tines as well.  An example of this buckle can be seen on page 54 of Grimm's.   


18SB03 1 1/4" Attributed to American and British use.  Our example is from South Carolina. 


Waist Belt Buckles:  


18BK01  1 3/4" Brass, Double "D" Style Buckle. 


The following buckles are of British origin.

18BK02 2 5/8", Brass, Double "D" Style, Double Tine.

18BK03  2 3/4", Brass, Double "D", Double Tine, British cartridge box strap buckle.


These three waist belt buckles are rectangular and single tine.  They can be found in Neuman and Kravic on page 53.

18BK04  2 1/8", Brass

18BK05  1 5/8", Brass

18BK06  1 3/8", Brass

18BK07  British military style waist buckle.  1 1/2"  Original recovered from British camp site in South Carolina.    


Shoe Buckles


Different styles will be added as demand requires.

18BK401 Military Shoe Buckle, Brass Frame, Iron Workings.  Copied from an original dug in upper state New York.  

Neck Stock Buckle:

18HW103 Neck Stock Buckle.  Suitable for War of 1812 also. 


Knee Breeches Buckle:  


18BK201 Knee Breeches Buckle.