Civil War Buckles and Belt Plates

United States Army 

Sword Belt Plates 

BP105 US Model 1851 Sword Belt Plate w/applied silver wreath.   


Confederate Army

Belt Plates: 

BP203 CS Officer's Sword Belt Plate, gold gilt finish.

BP204 CS Oval With Stars Belt Plate.  These saw extensive use in the western theater.  This plate is correct when compared to originals as it has the double prong side under the "S" end.

BP205 CS, Atlanta Depot Style.  Rectangle with CSA.

Belt Buckles:  

BK401 Georgia Frame, Heavy Cast, Brass.  Much different than those we have previously offered these are reproduced from an original found near Kennesaw Mountain, GA.

BK402 Forked Tongue, Brass.  Just arrived made from our new mould.   Copy of an original found near Fredericksburg, VA.

BK403 English Snake Buckle, Brass.  Includes keeper.  Copied from an original recovered near Petersburg, VA.

Common Buckles

Note: I have been asked many times recently what size strap will fit these buckles.  The measurement is taken from the inside, this the maximum size strap the buckle will accept.

BK100 Black Iron, rounded,  5/8"

BK102 Black Iron, rounded, 7/8"

BK107 Black Iron Rounded, 1 1/4"

Cartridge Box Buckles

BK201 Cartridge box buckle. 

Suspender Buckles

BK301*  Suspender Buckle, Brass.  Inside measurement - 1".  Copied from an original found in a Union camp near Bridgeport, AL.  

*While many use these for belt back trousers, the original buckles these were reproduced from were not used as such and ours are not intended for this use either.

BK302 Brass Japanned buckle, inside measurement - 1"   

BK303 Brass buckle, inside measurement - 1 1/8".  

Buckles BK302 and BK303 are suitable for use on belted trousers.

Carbine Sling Buckle

BK202 Carbine Sling Buckle and Tip. 

Kepi & Forge Cap Buckle

BK501  Forge & Kepi chin strap buckle.  Copied from originals.