Civil War Insignia

Officer and enlisted


United States Army 

Embroidered Officer Hat Insignia

HT101  Infantry, small

HT102  Infantry, large

HT103  Cavalry, small

HT104  Cavalry, large

HT107  US, small

HT108  US, large

HT109  Artillery, small

HT110  Artillery, large


Brass Enlisted Hat Insignia 

HT201  Infantry, bugle

HT202  Artillery, crossed cannon

HT203  Cavalry, crossed sabers

HT204  Hardee Hat Insignia, brass

HT205 Corps of Engineers   


Officer Shoulder Boards 

The following are available for Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry and staff, please indicate which branch when ordering.

Please note, base colors are based off original examples not those used in a John Wayne movie.

CWSB01 2nd Lieutenant

CWSB02 1st Lieutenant

CWSB03 Captain

CWSB04 Major

CWSB05 Lt. Col. 

 Civil War Period Chevrons

Available on dark blue wool only.  

CH101 US Corp, Infantry

CH102 US Sgt, Infantry

CH103 US 1st Sgt, Infantry

CH201 US Corp, Artillery

CH202 US Sgt, Artillery

CH203 US 1st Sgt, Artillery

CH301 US Corp, Cavalry

CH302 US Sgt, Cavalry

CH303 US 1st Sgt, Cavalry


Enlisted Hat Cords  

HC101  Infantry

HC102  Cavalry  

HC103  Artillery 


Officer Hat Cords   

HC201  Gold (For General Officers)   

HC202  Infantry  (Non-regulation)

HC203  Cavalry (Non-regulation)

HC204  Artillery  (Non-regulation)

HC205  Black and gold  (correct hat cord for all officers below the rank of general regardless of branch)   


SHNCO  NCO Sash, scarlet

SHLIN  Line Officer, claret

SHMED  Medical Officer, green

SHCAV  Cavalry Officer, yellow


Confederate Army


Embroidered Officer Hat Insignia 

HT301  CS, small

HT302  CS, large


Officer Bar Collar Insignia

CS01A CS 2nd Lieutenant, Artillery

CS01C CS 2nd Lieutenant, Cavalry

CS01I  CS CS 2nd Lieutenant, Infantry

CS02A CS 1st Lieutenant, Artillery

CS02C CS 1st Lieutenant, Cavalry

CS02I  CS 1st Lieutenant, Infantry

CS03A CS Captain, Artillery

CS03C CS Captain, Cavalry

CS03I  CS Captain, Infantry